Saturday, July 27, 2013

Honesty in Releasing the Evaluation Results of Public Services Quality

This week, Indonesian  Ombudsman Office released its report related with public services quality. According to its report, some government offices are listed as the worse government offices in serving the public. They are Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Labour, and Ministry of Agricultural.

This report has been quoted by some media. It has also been published as an headline in some newspapers. The worse government offices are given red flag. Of course, some of the ministers were not happy with the release. However, I think they should not reluctant with report. It could be used as an initial indicator of their public services quality. Government offices that received red flag should give full attention on how to improve their services in the future.

On the other side, we should give appreciation to Ombudsman Office because its courage in releasing the objective and transparent evaluation results. In reality, Ministry of Public Sector Reform has also done something like this. However, it does not have enough courage or hesitates to release the report. In the past, all government offices had been required to do self evaluation about the reform progress in their offices. The self evaluation process was supported with information system. However, until now the Ministry does not have enough brave to release the self evaluation result.

In fact there were many evaluation process had been done in the government offices. Some of the processes were initiated by the responsibility ministry. Some the processes were initiated internally. However, people never know the results.

I think in the future all of the evaluation results should be released transparently. Based on these results, all government offices could learn on how to solve their problems in serving the public.

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