Sunday, April 29, 2012

ID Card Regulation for Pulic Service Providers

In the beginning of this month, National Police released a statement about Inafis, in which an identification card for identifying the crime history of citizen. The project received many comments from the people. Mostly it was because there was a similar project that is still going on, i.e. National identification card (e-KTP).

Because of the comments from the public, the Inafis project was halted temporary. I agree with the  comments from the public and this temporary decision. However, I think now the government should learn from this case. It can also become the momentum for the government to regulate the ID card system. Uncoordinated initiatives from the public sector providers have made inconvenience condition to citizens.

As a receiver of public service, currently a citizen has to hold many cards. If the government could not regulate ID card system, a citizen would not able to maintain all the cards in his/her pocket. As a result, it is very important for the government to release new regulation in relation with ID card. The regulation should be initiated with the ID card from public service providers.

Regulation is very important because currently there is no coordination among the public service providers when releasing the ID card. For example, as a public service receiver from government-owned electricity company, I have an ID card that I received some weeks ago. As a government officer, I also received an ID  card from State Personnel Agency. However, I never use both of these cards.

The cards are useless because there is no functionality from both of the cards. The function of the cards is only for informing my ID, which can be accessed from other sources. If I want to know my ID number information from the electricity company, I could read it on the electricity meter. From the Inafis case, the government should learn that regulating the ID card is now very important. The government should initiate the regulation for ID cards that released by public service providers first.

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