Saturday, March 26, 2011

Public Complaint about Roy Suryo, a Parliament Member

When there was a case in relation with Roy Suryo, a member of parliament and his claim as a multimedia expert, as usual the public blamed him. I don't know why mostly the people don't like him.

It happened again when there's a tweep complained his habit in a scheduled flight managed by Lion Air. Suryo argued Lion Air had released a double ticket. It's a serious accusation.

Lion Air's management made a clarification. They claimed Suryo had choosen the wrong flight schedule. However, what I'm thinking now why the waiting room's staffs gave permission to Suryo to sat in the wrong flight? Wasn't it a wrong procedure?

Let's wait what will be happened next. Will both of them sue each other?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

conflict in the political party

This week we heard the conflict in one of our political parties. One of its founders released a corruption allegation in relation with its chairman and general secretary.

In the past, the political party was well-known about its concern in improving integrity and governance. It used Islamic ideologue as the foundation. However, lately there were disagreements with the future of the party's position. One side, some of the members wanted their party to be more open to the public, but on the other side some of them wanted to maintain status quo, as a close group, and still maintain Islamic ideologue as the foundation of the political party's movement.

After debating their future position, one of the founders didn't satisfy with the final decisions. He argued the decisions had been manipulated by some of the political party's elites. After fighting his argumentations, finally he was fired by the political party's executive with some reasons.

He tried to inform many people with his disagreements. Unfortunately, his voices were never heard by the public until one day he released his statements to mass media. Some of the political party's executive were not happy with his approach and thinking to sue him. However, he received many support from the media and his friends in the parliament ethical committee. He is now trying to bring the case to anti-corruption commission. He argues some of the executive members have done corruption in relation with its funds. He also argues the political party have received donations from middle east countries, which is forbidden by the law.

The accusation is very serious. We will watch more about the result of this case. However, I think we should learn from this case. First, executive members should pass due process before make decision. Without due process, many people will complaining with the decision. They will avoid and never support the decision. It means no legitimation with decision.

Second, political party sometimes will face the conflict, especially when there is money there. To minimize the conflict, the political party should improve the ethical conduct and designing an ethical committee. If we want to maintain a low level conflict, the political party should be setup as small as possible, but has a legitimate support from its members.

Friday, March 18, 2011

parcel bombing in Indonesia

This week we have some parcel bombing, starting from parcel bomb for a liberal religion scholar. The bombings have scared some people. The Anti-Terrorist Agency indicated that the bombers were from routine Islamic terrorists. However, not all the people agreed with them. Some of them argued it was from the Anti-Terrorist Agency (Detasemen 88) itself.

Some opinions from the social medias argued the bomb itself came from intellegent agents to distract the people attention from the leaked diplomatic cables accusing of the President and his wife of graft.

However, in my opinion we should not forget the possibility of the narcotics mafia involvement with the parcel bomb attacks. If you read from the newspaper, some of the narcotics mafia bosses have been captured by the police. Even one day an officer who managing a prison has been captured because his involvement with the narcotics mafia, who received illegal money through his grandson's bank account.

I think we should not underestimate this possibility. More investigations should been done to prove this possibility.

One more thing we should improve our system in controlling packet distribution. Valid identity of the sender should be enforced by the expedition companies. Improving control through face record of the sender is another possibility.

We can't avoid the risks of bom parcel be happened. However, with more awareness and control, we could minimize the risks.


Some years ago, I developed my new blog with this old address (, after some years configuring my first website address at One day I felt this old address seemed too egocentric. Then, I started to change this address to the new one, i.e., which is supported by Blogger's technology. Thanks to Blogger's team.

Surprisingly, one day, when I was researching the internet, I found that my old blog address had been referring by some website with the internet link directly to this my old blog, like As some people may know, I have been sharing my knowledge in developing e-Audit module for Indonesia e-Procurement system, which we call it Layanan Pengadaan Secara Elektronik (LPSE). I didn't want they felt disappointed because the link was broken. And then I reactivated this address again to serve them. But, know I will share not only for them, but also for the general people.

Now I'm thinking that this address will be used for putting my general idea in improving Indonesia, and on the other side the address at will be used to capture my idea in improving information technology implementation and fighting corruption.

When we have a blog, we felt very touched when the blog was accessed by many people and gave benefit to them. That is why only you who can judge if this blog really gives benefit to the people. I'm just putting my idea in improving the country, to make it better, so our country could be more competitive and wealthy happened for the people.