Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Understanding the Roots of Terrorist in Indonesia

Last night I watched a good talk show in our national television. It discussed why there are still many terrorist attacts in Indonesia. One of the best argumentations came from Inspector General Tito Karnivan. He was one of chief deputy at Anti Terrorist Agency (BNPT). Recently he has been promoted as Police Chief at Papua.

In the talk show, he argued that the roots of terrorist in Indonesia came from DI/TII and JAT. It means when we want to learn about this, whe should learn about the history of DI/TII and JAT. He explained clearly the Indonesian terrorist connection. I think what had been explained can be read also from the article in this link How Indonesia Extrimists Regroup.

The knowledge from the talk show has supported my hypotheses that we still have problems in developing an integrated nation. Although it had been declared in 1945 through Indonesian Proclamation by our founders, in reality we still in the process to be an integrated nation (NKRI). I hope NKRI is not only an intent, but can become reality.

To achieve our goal as an integrated nation, we should always learn how to improve the economic and social welfare of the people. I believe public sector reform can play its role in improving Indonesian economic and social welfare, especially on how to improve public service process from public officers to clients.

In reality, government of Indonesia has implemented public sector reform program. It has also been put in the national agenda. Unfortunately, what has been implemented so far is a formalised bureaucratic reform program. That is why citizens as the beneficiary of the public services could not feel or experience direct benefit of the bureacratic reform program. Although many government agencies in central and local level have developed some bureaucratic reform programs, there is not enough research in designing the program. On the other side, the programs are not initiated by the involvement of the citizents, but usually only discussed in the internal side of the government agencies. As a result, it is important for the government of Indonesia to rethink the strategy in designing better public sector program.


Some years ago, I developed my new blog with this old address (, after some years configuring my first website address at One day I felt this old address seemed too egocentric. Then, I started to change this address to the new one, i.e., which is supported by Blogger's technology. Thanks to Blogger's team.

Surprisingly, one day, when I was researching the internet, I found that my old blog address had been referring by some website with the internet link directly to this my old blog, like As some people may know, I have been sharing my knowledge in developing e-Audit module for Indonesia e-Procurement system, which we call it Layanan Pengadaan Secara Elektronik (LPSE). I didn't want they felt disappointed because the link was broken. And then I reactivated this address again to serve them. But, know I will share not only for them, but also for the general people.

Now I'm thinking that this address will be used for putting my general idea in improving Indonesia, and on the other side the address at will be used to capture my idea in improving information technology implementation and fighting corruption.

When we have a blog, we felt very touched when the blog was accessed by many people and gave benefit to them. That is why only you who can judge if this blog really gives benefit to the people. I'm just putting my idea in improving the country, to make it better, so our country could be more competitive and wealthy happened for the people.