Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Hierarchist Society

What do you thing? Are we Indonesians a hierarchist society?

These are the indication of a hierarchist society:

- High grid: Societies rely on rules, regulations, and enforcement
- High group: Collective prevails over the individual

This society is mostly cohesive and rule-bounded.

Please advise me. 


Some years ago, I developed my new blog with this old address (rudymh.blogspot.com), after some years configuring my first website address at rudymh.8m.com. One day I felt this old address seemed too egocentric. Then, I started to change this address to the new one, i.e. pojokgagasan.blogspot.com, which is supported by Blogger's technology. Thanks to Blogger's team.

Surprisingly, one day, when I was researching the internet, I found that my old blog address had been referring by some website with the internet link directly to this my old blog, like http://lpse.blogdetik.com/. As some people may know, I have been sharing my knowledge in developing e-Audit module for Indonesia e-Procurement system, which we call it Layanan Pengadaan Secara Elektronik (LPSE). I didn't want they felt disappointed because the link was broken. And then I reactivated this address again to serve them. But, know I will share not only for them, but also for the general people.

Now I'm thinking that this address will be used for putting my general idea in improving Indonesia, and on the other side the address at pojokgagasan.blogspot.com will be used to capture my idea in improving information technology implementation and fighting corruption.

When we have a blog, we felt very touched when the blog was accessed by many people and gave benefit to them. That is why only you who can judge if this blog really gives benefit to the people. I'm just putting my idea in improving the country, to make it better, so our country could be more competitive and wealthy happened for the people.