Friday, March 18, 2011

parcel bombing in Indonesia

This week we have some parcel bombing, starting from parcel bomb for a liberal religion scholar. The bombings have scared some people. The Anti-Terrorist Agency indicated that the bombers were from routine Islamic terrorists. However, not all the people agreed with them. Some of them argued it was from the Anti-Terrorist Agency (Detasemen 88) itself.

Some opinions from the social medias argued the bomb itself came from intellegent agents to distract the people attention from the leaked diplomatic cables accusing of the President and his wife of graft.

However, in my opinion we should not forget the possibility of the narcotics mafia involvement with the parcel bomb attacks. If you read from the newspaper, some of the narcotics mafia bosses have been captured by the police. Even one day an officer who managing a prison has been captured because his involvement with the narcotics mafia, who received illegal money through his grandson's bank account.

I think we should not underestimate this possibility. More investigations should been done to prove this possibility.

One more thing we should improve our system in controlling packet distribution. Valid identity of the sender should be enforced by the expedition companies. Improving control through face record of the sender is another possibility.

We can't avoid the risks of bom parcel be happened. However, with more awareness and control, we could minimize the risks.

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