Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Formalizing the User Requirements

One of the most difficult things in developing information system is defining the requirement. Usually, users do not understand how to define their requirements. Sometimes, they also do not know what is their problems. They only state that they need information technology to support their jobs. As a result, it is very important for us to formalize the requirements.

IT developers should define the requirement first. There is a lot of approach in definining and formalizing the requirements. One of the approach is using software requirement spesicification (SRS) document. The document template could be downloaded from the internet. An example of the document could be accessed from this address

If you understand use case diagram, it is better for you to use it when defining the functional diagram. You can use computer software or pen when making the diagram. After finishing the diagram, then you can put the diagram in the SRS document.

SRS document is very important when you developing the new system, especially when there is no similar system in the market. If you prepare the document well, then you can define what the system to be developed.

Unfortunately, in Indonesia there is not many developers who develop their system started from SRS document. That is the reason why many projects fail in this country. Usually, after constructing the system, users argue that the system is not like what they need.

If you do want your projects fail, please make sure you have prepared your SRS document.

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